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Helping people love work so that they can lead more fulfilling lives.

Organisations with a clearly articulated and understood Purpose are more likely to experience year-on-year growth than
those without.

Purpose creates advantage internally by “aligning and energising the
organisation”. Workers are willing to sacrifice salary to work in a Purpose-led organisation.

Consumers want to buy from organisations that demonstrate they match their values.

Purpose runs through every element of the modern organisation, particularly how happy their people are.

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You know Purpose matters. You think your organization has one. But you don't know if your team is aligned.

Find out with our Purpose Assessment and Discovery sessions.

You will get a more engaged team and a clearer customer proposition

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You're not getting the results you need. You're finding it hard to recruit. Your culture seems to have changed.

Find out why and how to change with our unique measurement service.

You will get everything you need to recruit, retain and motivate amazing people.



"We've always been a great team and we make products I am really proud of. We are getting better at what we do all the time and I know we will achieve great things. But I wanted my team to appreciate what makes our work really special and that's why I was interested in the idea of Purpose.

The team were cynical about the value of spending time talking about why we do what we do. Giving up valuable hours to talk about Purpose seemed like an extravagance, particularly in the middle of a big project.

Then PRPSFL delivered their "Discover Purpose" service and turned the the team's preconceptions on their head.

The interactive, supportive but challenging session took the team on a journey. James helped us understand the importance of Purpose and why it was relevant for a business like ours. He created a feeling in the team that we were missing out on something important and that we wanted to take part. He carefully elicited input from every team member and helped us to craft a Purpose statement.

We left the session with a greater understanding of the impact we are having on the World through what we enable our customers to do and how we enable them to feel. The team is engaged emotionally in the organisation.

Our Purpose statement has served as a guiding principle for both product development decisions and how we treat our customers ever since. We learned about what inspires us as individuals and are definitely closer and better aligned as a team as a result.

If you are looking to discover an authentic reason for your team to be more committed to your organisation, I would recommend PRPSFL. This is not an extravagance but a must-have."

Paul, Managing Director, London



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